Video Examples as Social Media Lead Generation

Video content gets 434% more visibility and engagement than any other web content . So how do you use Video for Social Media Lead Generation?

As a Social Media Keynote Speaker for NYXPO 2016 , I delivered a deep how to presentation on How to Use Social Media Advertising to Drive Business with the central theme about the importance of video as content and  Social Media Lead Generation. Here is a short YouTube clip:

We’ve known for a while that video can boost lead generation, and that makes a lot of sense. Human brains process video about 60,000x faster than they process text. Brands like The New Yorker have doubled their video staffs in recent years, creating simple YouTube videos that explain different stories — and the internal workings of the magazine — to audiences. In an era when a lot of brands are trying to differentiate their value to customers, having a simple video that explains that value can often be a lot better as a lead gen tactic than a series of white papers. (This varies by industry, sure.) This is why it is critical for you to understand Social Media Lead Generation tactics.

Here’s an example from one of my own clients. I had the pleasure of providing Social Media Strategy for a NYC based Legal Services firm in Process Serving. As part of the Video Marketing Strategy for Executives  I suggested a series of videos responding to process serving problems that law firm clients have. The strategy tied in the videos to their live seminars and events – on to offline B2B lead generation i.e. my specialty as a B2B Social Media Consultant.  Further, I tied it into a series of LinkedIn articles, boosting their content marketing engagement.

My video production team then got in and worked our video marketing magic. His firm has been in process serving for three decades. Do you know how un-sexy process serving is? It’s certainly some red carpet party with flashbulbs and videographers everywhere. But because this CEO has so much experience in that industry, he has a ton of different, unique things to say — so we did a series of 59-second videos, and paired them with posts on LinkedIn. It was effective in helping him differentiate from the competition.

There are some companies — GE Healthcare is one example — that are starting to ban the term “lead generation,” because it can often feel like a series of tricks instead of really developing relationships with customers and showing your value. But video beats back these “tricks,” right? First off, you can see the person. You can evaluate their presence and non-verbals. Secondly, the person is (hopefully) solving a problem for you — not directly selling to you. All this makes a big difference in developing someone as a lead, as opposed to someone who just closes the video or trashes the white paper.

As a final Video Example as a Lead Generation Driver on Social Media and to show you I practice what I preach, here is my latest: How to Hire A Social Media Director. In this, we decided to make it direct, informative and very entertaining! Let me know your thoughts on this one and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more!

OK, so this seems interesting. How do you start to brand your company and executives in social media with video?

I’d say this:

  • Usually start with a CEO or senior-level executive
  • Man or woman does not matter
  • Young or old doesn’t matter
  • Must be credible
  • Must be articulate
  • Must be audible
  • Must present/carry themselves well

Then you need:

  • A pain point you often solve for your customers
  • A real solution to that pain point
  • Ideally the solution is in 2-3 steps

If you have those bullets, you can make a video or a video-based campaign as a lead generation tool. Here’s a hint: almost every business in the world has all these bullets.

I can help out, too! I lead all Video Marketing Strategy and Youtube Marketing Strategy. What I offer with my content production team:

  • Media training
  • Personal branding for executive clients
  • Live commercials
  • Live full video shoots
  • Video editing
  • Animated explainer videos (useful for “hip” and “young” companies or apps)
  • Scripting
  • Titling
  • YouTube video optimization
  • YouTube marketing

Oh, and one other thing — mostly above I’m talking about B2B companies and senior-level personal branding. That’s all good, but this works for lots of different scenarios. Doing webinars and live Hangouts and Facebook Live? All that can drive email signups, engagement with potential customers, leads, and more. I’d love to help out there too!

So if you are thinking about Video as a lead generation tool for your business and need some ideas on what to do, jump over to my online scheduler and Book a 10 minute needs analysis with me. I would love to help you get your video marketing going!