How to Drive Online Brand Awareness in 2017

In my work as an Online Branding Consultant, I provide strategy , direction , training and management for both projects related to brand awareness development for the company client brand , the executive personal brand and sometimes both. Especially with smaller businesses and start-ups, the company brand and the CEO or executive brand can seem like one and the same. So how do you approach company brand development as separate from personal brand building?

In a recent article I wrote for BusinessGlory on the subject of the Company Brand vs the Personal Brand, I talked about the basics of the differences between the two and how to begin to approach these differently, namely 3 specific rules:

  1. Determine and commit the voice of your corporate or company brand online.
  2. When developing your personal brand, assign goals of how this brand supports your company
  3. When representing your personal brand, always promote your company as credibility

In this post on Personal Branding and Company Branding, I would like to take it a step further. In 2017, you now need to think beyond just learning about Personal Branding , which of course I encourage you to do by taking my Online Crash Course on Personal and Social Branding. My Personal Branding course walks anyone interested in truly building their own online brand through every necessary element, from identifying your personal brand focus, to creating a social brand market position, to creating a content marketing strategy and editorial plan for a personal brand, to building your personal brand website and much, much more. I recommend that you first get educated (and certified) before moving forward.

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You need to think about personal branding and social selling and how selling on sites like LinkedIn, needs to be supported by BOTH the company online brand and social brand of the individual executive.

So, what do you need to do to support both the company brand and personal brand to ultimately drive sales? This is exactly where your new 2017 approach needs to be different from what you are probably used to or maybe have heard of before. Besides the 3 quick branding rules I mentioned above and write about in my BusinessGlory piece, you need to pay closer attention to both the company brand and personal brand. Here are some ways you can begin to build a stronger online brand:

  1. You need to set up Online Reputation Monitoring Tools like Hootsuite, Brandmention, Sprout Social, Brand Yourself and so on for both the company online brand and social brand of the individual
  2. You need to have a proper SEO Keyword Strategy or both the company brand and personal brand
  3. You need to have LinkedIn Marketing strategies , Twitter Marketing programs that support ecosystem development for both brands, and maybe even multiple brands, such as verticals, thought leaders and so on when determining your Social Media Strategy
  4. Not only do you need to create a content strategy and editorial calendar, but BOTH for BOTH the company and personal brand need to be managed DAILY.
  5. For your Personal Brand, determine what type of content you will produce , how you will distribute and what will be included. You have to start really thinking video and interactive content. To get you started on this subject of personal branding, see one in a series of videos my video team and I are producing on the subject:

Another important consideration for online brand building in 2017 is Online PR. Have a PR Plan and the resources for Online PR execution. Online Brand Awareness requires mass visibility to a targeted, relevant and qualified audience. This requires the right resources and a commitment.

So whether you are looking to build brand awareness and engagement across a company brand, a personal brand or both, you need to start thinking (and acting) differently than you have done before. In 2017, online brand top line visibility and engagement will work much different than it did in years previous. In my next Blog posts, I will discuss online branding and mobile; online branding and integrated marketing; online branding and VR and much more. If you would like to stay tuned, please subscribe!