Social Media Best Practices Webinar – Feat. Jasmine Sandler

Social Media News (as seen on June 2017

Social Media Marketing Expert , Jasmine Sandler will be featured on a Salesforce , Webinar on June 22nd at 10amPST/1pmEST. In this, Jasmine will tell Small business owners the exact proven ways to use Social Media to grow sales and brand awareness. Registration is available on

In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible to have a thriving business without a strong social presence.  SMM  has transformed from something that a few companies had to a marketing tool that all businesses must use.  It has the power to create brand awareness, attract new clients, promote engagement with current and former customers, drive sales, and so much more.

Small business owners need to know that social marketing isn’t just for Fortune 500’s and national chains.  Local businesses and smaller companies benefit from having and executing a strategically crafted social media plan.  However, many don’t because they think that they can’t.  They think that they don’t have the resources, time, money or skills needed for successful social marketing.  Some post on their social channels sporadically, while others don’t post at all. .

Salesforce and present Jasmine Sandler, world recognized Social Marketing Expert to small business owners in a very special webinar on June 22 2017 at 1pmEST.  In this  social media webinar, Jasmine will show how a small business owner doesn’t have a million dollar marketing budget to use social media marketing to drive real business. Registration is available on

She will cover all the best practices around use of social media tools for social business. Jasmine will show that establishing and following a social marketing strategy is easier than you think.  She will help small business understand how and where to post, how to build and meet goals of a content marketing strategy and how to properly advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, G+, Instagram and gain business.

By joining Jasmine and the team on June 22nd,  in just one hour, small business owners will learn the best tips for using social media to grow their businesses.  Topics covered include:

  •         The importance of growing a community on your social networks
  •         Best practices for all channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, &  YouTube
  •         When paid advertising on social is worth the cost
  •         How social can make your customers become your best marketers
  •         Examples of successful strategies from small businesses

By the end of the webinar, small business owners will know everything you need to revamp your social plan of attack and/or create a winning strategy from scratch.  

Go to to Register for this Best Social Media Marketing Webinar for Small Business Owners Thursday June 22nd 2017 at 1 PM EDT.