Top 3 #Social #Selling Best Practices from June Marketo Tweetchat

Social Selling is the key to a successful professional services sales team.

If you are a B2B Sales Professional looking to drive more qualified sales, and missed last month’s Marketo Tweetchat, luckily we saved Twitter Moments and the top 3 tips.

Last month I was the featured speaker on Marketo’s Q&A #Marketochat on Social Selling Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices.

We had an amazing turnout of thousands of senior-level B2B Marketing Executives and Sales Team members from across the country and across the globe.  This chat resulted in 15 million impressions and 335 total tweets.

Marketochat on Social Selling with Jasmine Sandler

I answered several commonly asked questions regarding B2B social selling, such as:

  • What is Social Selling, in your own words?  

  • What are the benefits of Social Selling?

  • Is Social Selling now mandatory to stay competitive?

Marketo – What is Social Selling, in your own words?

Jasmine Sandler – I define Social Selling as the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find, connect with, and nurture prospective clients.  Social Selling can also be – and should be – used for learning more about your target audience, building your business’ reputation, and promoting brand awareness.

Marketo – What are the benefits of Social Selling?

Jasmine Sandler – When executed well (strategically and thoughtfully), social selling can lead to media attention, brand awareness, and qualified lead generation.  By connecting with your users on social media, you get to engage with them on their preferred social platforms and are better able to gain their trust.  All of this results in more sales.  In fact, social sellers are 51% more likely to reach their quotas, and 78% of social sellers outsell their peers who do not use social media.

Marketo – Is Social Selling now mandatory to stay competitive?

Jasmine Sandler – Absolutely yes.  Essentially every successful company leverages social media.  You need to be using it too.  If you do not connect with your customers and prospects, your competitors will.  Failing to use social media costs you opportunities to promote your brand, build and foster relationships, establish loyalty, and of course, costs you potential customers.



I am a firm believer in the power of social media for B2Bs.  When used correctly, it can be an incredibly useful tool for sales, marketing, and customer service professionals.  In my career, I have helped many companies and executives grow their businesses through social selling.  For expert help in re configuring your social strategy for sales, contact me today for a free consultation.