JS Featured: Best Marketing Blogs of 2018

Last month, I was honored to be included in FitSmallBusiness.com’s “Best Marketing Blogs of 2018 – Thought Leaders to Inspire your Marketing Strategy” article along with some other veterans in the Digital Marketing industry from places like Moz, KissMetrics , Buffer, Searchenginewatch, Marketo. and others.

As my focus for the last 15+ years has been serving companies and executive clients and global audiences of my workshops in Digital marketing education around strategy related to SEO and Social Media for Business, Fitsmallbusiness did a great wrap up on social media advice for small business owners. Here is a snapshot of the coverage.

In my opinion on the blog I wrote:

In order to be successful in small business marketing, you need to absolutely create a Social Media Marketing Strategy. However, trying to figure out your Social Media Strategy can be confusing and time-consuming.

For any new business owner, whether they are small startup or a seasoned professional, in order to gain visibility they need a proper social media plan. It is a common misconception that this simply involves setting up a channel or page, but it requires a strategy that is going to position you and your business as thought leaders.

It is essential to develop a plan that includes tools to manage and monitor, as well as providing targeted content that will give your audience a unique value and drive engagement. Without this, the start-up small business owner will waste time and money.

Proper Social Media Strategy results in increased market share, thought-leadership development, targeted online leads and ongoing sales. Contact me if you are serious about getting going in Social Media Strategy.

If you want a detailed Social Media Strategy for Start Ups which also includes some researched advice on other tools to help start ups grow, check out a recent longer post I wrote on the subject : SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY TIPS FOR START UPS AND OTHER USEFUL BUSINESS TOOLS.