Poor Social Media Presence? Rich Social Media Presence?

Do you think you have a poor or Rich social media presence? A Poor one can dilute you brand and A rich one can literally make you rich, IF, you build a powerful personal brand through social media. Intrigued? Here’s how to take action…

Why a Strong Social Brand?

A strong Social Brand or Social media presence is useful in so many ways in business these days. Whether you are in professional sales, a creative professional, a small business owner or a corporate executive or manager, a powerful personal brand and social media activity can be the difference between a new sale, a new job, a raise and so much more.

So you want to raise your value? Do it through a rich social presence. If you ignore it and it goes into the poor category, well you might guess what happens then, lower your value, especially on site like LinkedIn where you are there to sell yourself, your services, your products – you get it.

Action items You Need for Building Your Social Brand

Job Seeker: 

If you are a job seeker, your LinkedIn profile is the first social media profile that will be looked at, hence, your role as a job seeker is to have one that shows experience and a focus. In my own experience as a business owner, recently having conducted interviews to onboard a new team member, when anyone told me they did not have a LinkedIn profile I immediately moved on to the next candidate.

Small Business Owner: 

If you have a LinkedIn profile and you are aware that it is incomplete or just not looking good, you might as well not have one. You have to ensure that there is a professional headshot as well as truthful and detailed experience based on what you have listed. Bonuses are solid recommendations and a visual portfolio of your work, awards, publications and so on.

Professional Sales Role: 

If you are in any professional sales role, you must have a polished LinkedIn profile or it may hurt the company your working for, as your social media profiles become a reflection of the company hiring you or one where you are already an employee. On the flip side, small business owners competing against big companies can gain a competitive advantage when the owner has a well designed, current, updates, active, polished profile.

Given this, if you believe your LinkedIn profile does not match up to these basic standards you may do it yourself by considering my LinkedIn Sales Course or LinkedIn books available on my courses.jasminesandler.com

Next Steps…

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