#BRAND YOU Conference Invite 11/27-Grow Your #Personal #Brand in 1 Day


In case you missed the PRNEWS announcement, #BRAND YOU, the first conference that delivers what you need to be a leader in your industry and your community, has come to NYC and Livestream on November 27th. Read why you need to attend and take action!

Built In a Day: How The #BRAND YOU Conference Provides The Tools For Business And Personal Brand Growth

Introducing the single-serving conference, concentrating years of business education into a power-packed day of change

Having the drive to make a change in your career is one thing. Having the tools at your disposal to actually do it is another. Being able to take that huge step to the next level in one day would seem preposterous…if #BRAND YOU weren’t already poised to help you do it.

With #BRANDYOU, JS Media founder Jasmine Sandler has concentrated years of brand building and professional education for sales professionals, entrepreneurs and executives into a single-day event aimed squarely at those in business daunted by the shifting digital landscape…but also cognizant of the need to master the chaos.


#BRAND YOU Conference Invite 11/27-Grow Your #Personal #Brand in 1 Day

By focusing keynote address, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities into one day, Sandler—who will deliver the day’s morning keynote address—cuts down on the overwhelming aimlessness of broader, multi-day conferences and allows for more specific direction and tangible results.

“This conference has been designed through everything from the speakers to the non-profit partners to the venue host to give entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and executives in transition everything that they need to build influence in their businesses and in their communities…“It’s time a business conference led an experience that drives real action”


Topics including personal branding, leadership, money raising, digital PR, sustainability, philanthropy and more will be covered in an interactive setting. The day will include catered networking meals (breakfast and lunch), free books and speaker sessions, and opportunities for conference sponsors and attendees to connect and interact.

#BRANDYOU will be held in midtown Manhattan on November 27th. It is squarely aimed at business professionals and entrepreneurs in transition—hungry to build a stronger personal brand, grow their business, and have a more positive impact on their communities.

The conference brings together some of the top business minds in New York City, people with a proven track record of building globally recognized brands and dynamic businesses. Authors, speakers, and community leaders, they will lead action-oriented, Q&A style talks on entrepreneurial brand building, business growth, and leadership. Attendees will be given the tools to take direct action on personal brand development, effective PR, audience development, social media influence, and community outreach.

Several successful non-profit organizations with strong community ties—such as The JDRF and Hockey Players in Business—will also be participating in the day’s events. Giveaways throughout the day will give attendees the chance to take full advantage of the conference’s NYC setting with sports team and Broadway show tickets, free workspace, and more.


As a preview of all that #BRANDYOU has set out to accomplish, the day’s guest speakers—who run the gamut from entrepreneurs to Emmy-winning producers—share a taste of what they’ll be delivering to guests when they take the stage on the 27th.


Author, Emmy-winning producer, and WPIX news anchor Tamsen Fadal will be focusing on approaching change with confidence, detailing everything from how to organize finances to where and how to dedicate resources.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin,” “Whether you are starting over after a breakup or divorce and getting back into the job world or you have decided that you want a new start and want to pursue a new career path – it is never easy.”

For Peter Shankman, founder of the journalist-resource business HARO, the focus will be on today…and several decades from now.

“The economy of the next fifty years will be run by customer service,” explains Shankman. “The days of begging for likes are over. The customer economy is all about doing likeable things. As the network gets smarter and smarter, it’ll know your favorite places before you do, and share those with the world – when the world is looking. So if your friends are looking for a doctor in New York City, and you live there, it’ll show them who you use, automatically, because logic suggests that if you go there a lot, you like the place, and your friends usually like what you like. It’s not private if you’re already posting from there, remember? What does this mean for your business? It means that it’s time to start focusing on the customer experience – Without that, no amount of advertising, marketing, or SEO will save you. The #BRANDYOU audience will learn the five rules of the customer economy, why speed matters, how to stay ‘top-of-mind’ in every customer’s mind, from beginning to end, and how millennials (as well as Generations Z and Alpha) are consuming content and how you can get in front of them.”

Rachel Braun Scherl, managing partner and co-founder of SPARK solutions and a women’s health leader, will be on hand to discuss her proven keys to success.

“The premise of the film Rollerball is simple and insane,” says Braun Scherl. “Men on roller skates, wearing spiked gloves, race around an inclined track, sometimes towed by other burly men on speeding motorcycles, engaging in a brutal, gladiatorial, deadly version of roller derby. Anything goes, including maiming or killing other players. Teams score by taking possession of and shooting goals with a solid, injury-inflicting silver ball. In fact, victory is not declared until the other team is entirely maimed or dead. (OK, I said it wasn’t The Sound of Music). And before every match, the rules of engagement are declared: ‘No time outs; no substitutions.’ Loosely translated? There is no quitting—period. There is no one on the bench to take your place. People are counting on you. Your success and the success of those around you depends on your efforts. You have to be 100 percent in the game. You have to play hard, and even more importantly, you have to play until you can’t play anymore.”

Emmy-winning actress and keynote speaker Sonia Satra will be sharing her 5-step process that combines mental clarity with physical exercise. “This approach not only gets you a fit mind and fit body, but it will also help take your business to new heights.” Her process includes “opening up new channels of creativity, tapping your body intelligence and inner strength to help you solve the toughest problems, and rewiring your brain to create a winning mindset.”

Other speakers include Jack McAdoo, Jason Rice, Scott Hamilton, Raoul Davis and more. All speakers have proven business and community successes and will be sharing with the audience.

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#BRAND YOU Conference Invite 11/27-Grow Your #Personal #Brand in 1 Day