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Jasmine Sandler shares insights and personal branding tips this week on Rep911

Reputation 911, a leader in business reputation management and a strategic partner of JS Media, published a powerful article this week , 5 Personal Branding Tips to Enhance Your Reputation. In it, they interviewed Jasmine Sandler, a Keynote Speaker on Social Branding for Executives and Entrepreneurs. Specifically Jasmine was interviewed for her work as a Personal Brand Strategist. She has been providing business and branding strategies for executives for over 15 years.

A current Female Entrepreneur client working with Jasmine had this to say:

Jasmine is a pleasure to work with. I love her energy and vision, as well as her passion for what she does. She is super knowledgeable and collaborative in developing a smart business strategy, from branding to marketing campaigns, for my startup. She has successfully delivered a well rounded plan for my investment pitch. Jasmine is always willing to listen to my needs and gives strong recommendations that fit the business structure for a new brand. She has empowered me as a female entrepreneur and guided me through the early stage of developing a specialty brand. She is a great partner and a strong support. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with her as part of my moving forward team. – Stella Yang, CEO , Tuxie Luxie

Jasmine shared some of her top Personal Branding Tips in the article as you can read below what Jasmine shared with the interviewer: She said:

Personal Branding Tip #1:

Identify where your expertise lies and build a brand around that with certainty.


“To do this, first look at your top skill set. I generally have my personal branding clients look at their LinkedIn profiles to determine where they have the most search interest, endorsements and recommendations around their skills , as well as a review of their job experience and where they shined. Uncovering your focus is essential before doing any personal branding work.  This is not solo introspection only. I suggest that you ask former employers and colleagues what they think about you professionally and your skill-set.”

Personal Branding Tip #2:

Define your personal branding goals. 

“First it is helpful to start with a PERSONAL BRAND CHECKLIST.

Then, determine if this is to support your business, raise your employee monetary value, to gain positions on Boards, to become an Influencer and thought-leader. Personal branding planning, as I have done for 1000’s of people and business owners, needs to be looked at just like business planning. Think of yourself as a business. How do you want this business to operate? Who is your customer audience? What are you trying to achieve?”

Personal Branding Tip #3:

Brand consistently

Personal Online Brand Development

Once you have a personal brand plan and begin execution of brand and content, the brand has to be consistent with the brand promise and mission. This means everything from tone, coloration, font, messaging and more. The personal brand has to be looked at as a brand but a brand with a real human element and that element must be authentic. In my work in personal brand execution, design and execution is only a piece of it, the monitoring and management of the personal brand is equally as important. Jasmine is hosting a Personal Branding & Leadership event in NYC May 25th, which you can get earlybird tickets now. She is also offering a full personal branding course online for $99!

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