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Jasmine Sandler: Social Selling Training

As a social media and digital marketing strategy expert, Jasmine will empower your employees to harness the full potential of social media to generate sales and spark growth. Jasmine’s approach to social media selling encompasses educating employees on the newest social platforms to drilling down into how fundamental a change social media is enacting on the way we interact with our world.

Having created and sold her own social media network in the early 2000’s, Jasmine understands the psychology of social media and how to help your employees capitalize on its most profitable aspects.

Jasmine Sandler: B2B Sales Training

Jasmine Sandler has been involved in B2B Sales, Sales Management and B2B Sales Training since her early days as a Solution Sales leader at IBM Professional Services in 1997. Miss Sandler has provided solution sales training and delivered new business for clients such as Citibank, General Electric, Halliburton and ISO. With over 10 years’ experience in B2B Sales Training, Jasmine Sandler will give your sales team the tools they need to drive more sales and explosive growth through executive sales training programs.

Miss Sandler’s B2B Sales Training is unlike other executive sales training programs in that she incorporates Online Personal Branding , CRM management, E-Mail Marketing and LinkedIn for Sales Training. The training is delivered in several, crucial segments plus a full half-day kick-off meeting review with the client executive team and sales management. This review looks at client market positions, products, services, competition, sales personnel, current client sales, marketing efforts, and social selling competencies.

Jasmine Sandler’s Social Media Sales Training and Digital Marketing Consulting clients have seen an average of a 135% increase in qualified lead generation. See Jasmine’s client case study deck here:


Personal branding program options by Jasmine Sandler and Agent-cy online marketing – 2016 from Jasmine Sandler 


#1 B2B Sales Trainer


Miss Sandler’s B2B Executive Sales Training Program is delivered in the following segments and includes full course materials for all attendees:


Sales Process Training


A standard, proven sales process is delivered so that sales personnel have a way to deliver solution sales that is efficient and ties back to monthly sales revenue goals. Her process delivers specific metrics and qualification factors that are the key to sales efficiency and ultimate success. The process includes cold-calling, relationship building, target market research, competitive positioning and selling best practices.



Personal Branding Online

As a LinkedIn trainer, Miss Sandler has helped hundreds of salespeople and business owners define, develop and launch their online personal brands. In this segment of Sales Executive Training Program, Jasmine delivers a full presentation on how to assess and create a strong, unique and engaging personal brand for sales purposes. In sales, it is all about likeability and trust. A strong online brand that delivers on these characteristics is sure to drive lead engagement.

Jasmine has helped hundreds of executives build their personal brand online to aid in continued sales development. See what she has done in executive social branding. 


Salesforce Daily Use

By best-utilizing sales CRM tools like Salesforce, Sales professionals drive more qualified sales and more frequently. Miss Sandler will walk your B2B Sales organization how to set up and manage their daily CRM activity to meet the needs of their quota. This includes field mapping, lead scoring and lead nurturing. As a Salesforce user since the late 1990s, Miss Sandler trains from this perspective unless another CRM is mandatory within the organization.


Leveraging Online Marketing and Sales

As both a Digital Marketing Consultant and B2B Sales Professional, Miss Sandler combines the best of both worlds in her B2B Sales Training. In this executive sales training programs segment, she shares best practices in how a sales organization can leverage its online marketing programs to support and grow sales. Included in this segment are e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and online lead conversion.

See what some of Miss Sandler’s B2B Sales Trainees have said regarding her work in this area:

  • Testimonials

    “Jasmine is an ambitious and a hardworking marketing professional, who gets things done and launches successful marketing campaigns. I would recommend speaking to Jasmine about any of your marketing needs.”
    Vladimir KupermanFounder, CEO & Creative Director at Limus Design. Professional Website Design Company - New York.Limus Design Inc.
    “Jasmine is dynamo who’s always quick on her feet and willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done and do what’s best for the client.”
    Ed CattoBuilding the Bonfire for brands and servicesBonfire Agency
    “Jasmine takes a very bottom-line and strategic approach to helping her clients achieve huge success. She has a lot of experience across multiple verticals and brings all of her assets and connections to bear for each client. I highly recommend her and her work.”
    Rebecca BrianChief Operating Officer + Co-founder at NextSpace CoworkingNextSpace Coworking + Innovation
    “Jasmine is the hardest-working New Biz professional I’ve ever met. With her great attitude and fantastic personality, she is – hands down – one of the most fun people I’ve ever worked with. Plus, she’s got seriously smart marketing instincts. This woman is a total go-getter!”
    Aimee Kessler EvansVice President at blast! PRBlast PR
    “It was a pleasure working with Jasmine as a part of our incredible sales team. Jasmine was more than ideal and her knowledge of marketing and brand identity served her clients well, generated many exciting web projects and has my deepest respect.”
    Keith LawsonCall Center ManagerZeroLag Communications


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