Advanced B2B Social Media Strategy Webinar Hosted by OMI

Doing Social Media with no Strategy inevitably equals wasted time and money. Worse – online brand dilution.

B2B Social Media Strategy Webinar Jan 11 2013

With the importance of a strong social brand these days for any B2B marketer, it is essential for you to have a Social strategy that will strengthen your brand, engage your audience, provide you an understanding of what your customers demand and ultimately help to drive company revenues.

Social Media Marketing becomes more sophisticated on a daily basis. Social tools and networks continue to grow in numbers and evolve in use. B2B companies cannot ignore where their customers live and breathe. It is of the utmost importance to any B2B company looking to do heavy marketing in 2013 to understand the landscape of Social Media. A sound B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy will ensure the success of any B2B Online Brand.

So join me and the host, the Online Marketing Institute on January 11th at 1pmEST sharp in this Advanced B2B Social Media Strategy Webinar where I will review all the necessary steps you need to take to develop a Social strategy that works to support the branding efforts of your organization. To join: