#BRANDYOU A Conference for Entrepreneurs and Executives in Transition Who Want to Take Action on Building Their Influence.


#BRAND YOU has been designed specifically for the hungry entrepreneur, sales professional and executive in transition to a Board seat, new venture or higher position.

A one-day power-packed, interactive conference, you will get a course on entrepreneurship and leadership in series of interviews and Q&As with the brightest minds and top successes in business in NYC.

All speakers have built global brands and businesses, have used their books and speaking to meet their business goals and are influencers within their communities. This is your opportunity to directly engage with them as live mentors to help shape the success of your new venture, project or career track.

The focus of this conference is to provide action-oriented information in a Q&A style interview format on Entrepreneurial Brand Building, Business Growth, and Leadership to Entrepreneurs. Secondarily, several large communities based nonprofits including JDRF, HPIB, and others will share their guidance on how to lead by giving and community support.

So if you are in the game of building your influence – in your business, in your industry, and in your community, this is a MUST attend the event. Company sales and marketing groups also welcome.

Conference Speakers:

  • Tamsen Fadal – Emmy Winning Producer. Anchor WPIX NYC
  • Peter Shankman – HARO Founder
  • Rachel Braun Scherl – Women’s Health Leader
  • Sonia Satra – Emmy Award-winning actress and Keynote Speaker
  • Raoul Davis – Forbes Council Member, Writer Forbes, and Fortune
  • Jack McAdoo – CEO & Executive Producer JJM Media Group
  • Jasmine Sandler – Personal Branding and Social Media Expert. #BRAND YOU Organizer.
  • Jason Rice – Development Director JDRF

By attending you will be able to immediately take and implement the following skills in your business:

  • Personal Brand Development
  • PR that Works
  • Operational Efficiencies that Drive Profitability
  • Team Leadership
  • Selling Your Own Products as Brand
  • Fan and Audience Development Proven Methods
  • How to Leverage a Book, Speech to Grow Your Business
  • How to use Social Media for Leadership Influence and Sales
  • How to position your company and position as a community leader

All Attendees will receive signed copies of speaker books in the book signing periods that follow their LIVE stage interviews as well as great goodie bag giveawaysa including NY sport team tickets, Broadway show tickets, free work space and much much more!

Food and Drink included with ticket price!

LIVE Seats Limited.

Live stream tickets also available here!



For organizations interested in activating event sponsorship and getting free tickets with their sponsorship, see – http://www.brandyouconference.com/sponsorship/


For full conference information visit – http://www.brandyouconference.com