CEO Club NYC Digital Branding Presentation – Guest Invite


Digital Branding Presentation – Guest Invite

October 10, 2013, Harvard Club 10a-2p

Digitized Personal Branding Presentation for CEO Club NYC - Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine Sandler will deliver her Digitized Personal Branding Presentation for the CEO Club NYC on 10/10/13

The CEO Club NYC  is a premier invite only member-association for business leaders of companies whose businesses are above $2,000,000 in annual sales. The average club member has $20,000,000 in annual sales. The CEO Club NYC provides only the highest caliber of education and training to its global leader members. 

On October 10th, 2013 the CEO Club NYC presents Jasmine Sandler, who will present on the all-important subject of “Digitized Personal Branding”. For key executives and business leaders who need to maintain a strong and positive online reputation, this presentation is an absolute must. Jasmine has helped hundreds of CEO’s and company executives around the world build, grow and protect their online personal brands.

By registering and attending leaders will learn:

  • How to assess a Digitized Personal Brand Style that is authentic
  • How to uncover your Personal Brand Strengths
  • What Internet Tools are crucial for Delivering a Strong Personal Brand
  • An overview of how to use LinkedIn for Personal Branding
  • How to Use Your Digitized Personal Brand for Sales Success

Registration for qualified organizations is mandatory at: