Executive Branding & Leadership Development Seminar – LeaderBoom


 Executive Branding & Leadership Development Seminar – LeaderBoom

Leadership Development Seminar Oct 5 NYC

LeaderBoom President, Ann Marie MacDougall, presents Global Trends and Best Practices for aligning diverse teams (Multi-cultural and Multi-generational), towards goals achievement. Special guest Jasmine Sandler will also provide a brief presentation on Executive Online Branding.

If you are an emerging leader and need to manage a globally diverse workforce, you require the skills that the LeaderBoom executive training team has spent careers developing. LeaderBoom, an executive leadership training program and partner of The Jasmine Sandler Digital Marketing Education Series, was developed after extensive Global , Fortune 100 research spanning 4 continents on the subject of changing leadership needs amongst a global and culturally diverse workforce. The LeaderBoom series of seminars in New York City October 5th and 6th, “Pathways to Goal Alignment” shares the success formula to emerging leaders on how to manage a global and culturally diverse workforce.

On October 5th, Ann Marie MacDougall, Founder of LeaderBoom, will lead the “Pathways to Goal  Alignment” Workshop. Ann Marie has received a global executive education from St. Gallen Univeristy (Switzerland), received the Academic Director Award for Women Managers at Rotman School of Business (Toronto) and has accumulated 20yrs of diverse senior leadership experience in the Canadian Banking Industry.

Join other Leadership Executives, Leadership Academia, HR Directors and Managing Directors and learn how to manage and lead your workforce into the future.  In 4 hours of leadership development training, you will learn:

  • Five Global Trends Shaping the Next Face of Leadership
  • Strategic Insights from Research with 50 Leaders in Global Organizations
  • Why Creating Value from Diversity is the New Corporate Opportunity
  • Framework for Self-Actualizing Goal Fulfilment through Team Alignment
  • Leadership Strategies for Managing and Adapting to Change

I am happy to announce that as a trainer and consultant to executives on Personal Branding and to companies on Online Branding, I have been asked to provide a short presentation on the subject of “Executive Online Branding” as part of the LeaderBoom program.

Space is limited. RSVP at: https://leaderboom.eventbrite.ca/.

Registration on eventbrite is not mandatory….individuals can register at the door (per pre-registration ,12:30-1:00pm)