LinkedIn: Marketing Techniques to Stand Out From the Crowd

The LinkedIn® audience has now surpassed 200 million users and 60% are either decision makers or key influencers. LinkedIn® is poised as the #1 B2B social networking tool for business development among companies, both large and small. Nielsen has been cited as calling (LinkedIn®) ‘The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals’. The nature of LinkedIn® from its inception has been to provide qualified hiring opportunities for business professionals. Because of its popularity, it has now developed into a serious personal branding tool. LinkedIn® is a must for both marketing consultants as well as executives and sales professionals who push to invite new clients and customers by way of being perceived as the expert or best choice in their respective fields.

5 Reasons to Attend

  • Hear why you need to use LinkedIn® as one of your daily sales tools
  • Find out how to set up an effective branding tool through your LinkedIn® profile
  • Learn how to communicate effectively in LinkedIn® to garner positive responses
  • Discover all the ways LinkedIn® can support your sales and marketing initiatives
  • Gain new clients and customers by effective LinkedIn® use


Jasmine Sandler, Agent-cy Online Marketing, Inc.

Jasmine Sandler, LinkedIn Training Consultant and Coach delivers an insightful, detailed, actionable account of how to use LinkedIn as your #1 Marketing and Social Networking tool. In her book, “Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way,” Miss Sandler provides a LinkedIn Marketing manual for any business professional.
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