LinkedIn Sales Presentation NYC & Discussion: Private Berdon Women Executives

LinkedIn Sales Presentation NYC and Discussion for Berdon Private Women Executives

Jasmine Sandler, LinkedIn Coach, Social Media Consultant and LinkedIn Trainer will provide a live hour of Q&A for the Berdon Accounting Women Executives Private Group. In this program, as a B2B Professional Services Digital Marketing Consultant, Jasmine will share her secrets to success in using LinkedIn as her #1 B2B Social Media Network to drive online branding and B2B sales. This LinkedIn presentation will be provided at the request of the Berdon Accounting Women Executives Private Group.

LinkedIn Sales Training

The discussion will answer important questions about using LinkedIn for B2B Professionals, including:

1. How do I best utilize my LinkedIn Profile to drive targeted visibility?

2. How do I engage in LinkedIn groups to create business-driving relationships?

3. What content and copy makes the most sense to engage my LinkedIn target?

4. What is proper communications etiquette when gaining warm introductions on LinkedIn?


This LinkedIn Sales Presentation NYC is a private, invite-only event and invitations are only being considered for qualified female executives. If you are a female executive of a professional services firm in Manhattan and wish to attend, kindly contact Jasmine to be considered. A very limited engagement.