Social Media Training ClickZ SF


Join Jasmine and other Marketing Executives at ClickZ Live and Build your Social Media Strategy

Jasmine will show you How to Boost Your Bottom Line with Social in her 100 minute accelerator training at ClickZ Live SF!

The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018 and a third of millennials say social media is their preferred channel for communicating with businesses. In an era where social media has been dominating, it is crucial for marketers to have a compelling presence on social and inspire the new generation to share and connect with your brand.

During this 100 minute accelerator session, you will learn tricks and tips from brands that are leading the way and harnessing the power of millennials through social.

Jasmine will lead a session that will include:

Leslie Drate Social Media Manager, HP

Creating a Strategic and Iterative Cross-Channel Paid Social Campaign (Presented by Stacey Jaffe)

Learn how to:

Develop a strategy that meets business objectives

Utilize UTM parameters and Google Analytics to understand how social campaigns are interacting with your business

Utilize A/B testing to hone in on top performing content

Utilize remarketing to continue your storytelling

Understand your data to iterate and optimize your campaign