Using LinkedIn To Win


With a growing audience of 150+ million professional members, where 60% are either decision makers or key influencers, LinkedIn is poised as the #1 social networking tool for business development among companies, both large and small. Nielsen has been cited as calling (LinkedIn) “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals.

Because of its popularity, it has developed into a serious personal branding tool. As an entrepreneur or business owner, to compete on a level playing field or to raise capital you must have a strong, impactful, engaging online presence and network of influential colleagues. LinkedIn and using it correctly is your answer. In this comprehensive 90-minute LinkedIn training session, I will teach you how to build your own compelling LinkedIn personal brand.

5 Reasons to Attend

  • Hear why you need to use LinkedIn as one of your daily sales tools
  • Find out how to set up an effective branding tool through your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to communicate effectively in LinkedIn to garner positive responses
  • Discover all the ways LinkedIn can support your sales and marketing initiatives
  • Gain new clients and customers by effective LinkedIn use

EVENT COST: $30.00