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Digital Marketing Speaker & Social Media Trainer: Jasmine Sandler for Marketing Events

Jasmine Sandler has presented to thousands of business professionals and executives on all topics related to B2B Marketing. If your audience needs to use the Internet effectively for brand-building, SEO visibility or Social Media customer development, Jasmine Sandler, top SEO Strategist and Social Media Expert, is your answer for Marketing Events. She has over 15 years of B2B Digital Marketing client experience, which she has now leveraged in the development and delivery of her Online Marketing education live training and online course work.

Jasmine Sandler presenter accreditations:

The Online Marketing Institute
The Association of Strategic Marketing
Abel Institute
Regus Corporation
Search Engine Strategies (Global)
Jewish Business Network
The Marketing Executive Networking Group

Miss Sandler has created curriculum to support teaching, training or presenting on any of the following topics:

Jasmine Sandler will show you, your sales and marketing teams how to create and deliver an online personal brand through LinkedIn so that your business is constantly driving qualified leads to you. This session walks marketers and sales professionals on how to first identify a strong personal brand and then to create authentic content around it, which is ripe for target engagement in the LinkedIn universe.
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Jasmine Sandler delivers full sales training for LinkedIn, from lead prospecting, lead management, and warm introductions to lead nurturing. Miss Sandler shares how to use LinkedIn as a daily sales tool.
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Learn from a Social Media Marketing and SEO veteran, Jasmine Sandler, how to utilize social media in an efficient manner that is driven by a need to gain search market share. In this interactive course, you will learn how to plan for Social Media activity by constantly driving and engaging on market position and how to use Social to drive visibility around your products and services.
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Thinking about starting an e-commerce business? Perhaps an online publishing site? Maybe you are interested in partnering with a colleague to create the next Facebook? Jasmine Sandler, Internet Marketing veteran has experienced it all when it comes to Digital Marketing. In this session, Miss Sandler imparts her knowledge to audiences on how to ensure ROI from a web-based business.
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Twitter is for every company who wants to drive buzz and media interest. If you are not gaining these results from Twitter, want real client examples of Twitter ROI, you should consider Miss Sandler’s Twitter Marketing training.
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In the world of business to business marketing, a clear simple user experience is crucial to client engagement and lead generation. In this training.
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Your Company Blog should be the cornerstone of your Social Media program. And, since Social signals SEO, understanding how to have and use a proper SEO strategy for Blogging is crucial. Learn in this interactive session with hands-on exercises how to Blog for SEO with Jasmine Sandler, SEO consultant.
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Without a well-researched web marketing strategy, businesses waste time and money gaining no sales results on the Internet. Jasmine Sandler, Internet Marketing consultant, has helped hundreds of business owners understand their online challenges and opportunities and how to have a strategic roadmap for web marketing success. This course is best suited for member-associations whose members may confront challenges with launching web initiatives.
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Jasmine Sandler, a LinkedIn coach and trainer has consulted hundreds of B2B marketers and CEOs on the importance of doing Social Media right to drive positive online brand awareness and engagement. In her B2B Social Media Training course, Miss Sandler helps attendees understand how to choose appropriate channels, how to use social media management tools, how to plan for and manage daily content and how to measure success. More on this training can be found
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If you have recently been tasked with launching a new online initiative, such as social media marketing, an online media campaign, paid search marketing, a microsite or any other Digital venture, you can ensure success by registering for this training. In it, Miss Sandler, who has delivered over 100 Digital client plans, shares her experience and tips for the most effective Internet Marketing strategies you can utilize when launching your new program.
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Managing a web project can be an intimidating, complex experience. Especially when it comes to aligning appropriate resources and managing them towards a common goal. Without a proper process, talent and specific success metrics to measure, web projects can go awry. As CEO of Agent-cy for over eight years, Miss Sandler has led multiples of web projects and managed teams. Learn the proper steps to an optimization web project planning experience.
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Building a Strong Online Brand is not easy. Jasmine Sandler, with over 15 years’ experience in Digital Marketing takes all that she has learned in launching online brands for clients and shares with marketers the steps it takes to make building the brand much easier.
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Intended for Marketing Managers and Social Media Marketing Managers, this interactive, intense, detailed half-day workshop covers everything SEO from the basics to terminology. Google updated rules, Social Signaling and more. The SEO half-day workshop is best suited for large member-associations and as custom corporate SEO training.
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For heavy LinkedIn marketers, this training provides a step by step review of all marketing opportunities for targeting the LinkedIn universe. Jasmine’s LinkedIn Advanced Marketing Techniques training also delivers concrete examples of how companies have best utilized LinkedIn as a market research platform and as a way to reach and engage target audiences globally.
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Having a website isn’t enough. Your company needs to be found where business executives spend their time and that is on LinkedIn. Jasmine Sandler walks company brand managers through how to effectively set up their LinkedIn Company Page. She reveals LinkedIn Company Best Practices in this hour training session.
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In today’s world of digital marketing, messages are hitting your target client in the billions, so how do reach and engage through all this digital clutter? Re-targeting, as a support to online media, enables brands to follow impressions to click through. But the process of re-targeting without interfering with the target user experience and without annoying those who have already purchased requires expertise. Join Jasmine Sandler and learn how to retarget right.
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Professionally trained in paid search and having managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in Paid Search, Jasmine Sandler knows the importance of Paid Search Optimization. In this lengthy training on Paid Search, targeted at e-commerce companies, Miss Sandler reviews in a step-by-step process how to budget for Paid Search, build a platform for consistency across impressions and click-throughs, how to write killer ad copy and how to continually optimize your PPC keyword plan.
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One of the hottest topics today is Mobile Marketing. The other hot topic is Social Media Marketing. In this unique course, Jasmine Sandler shares her knowledge and experience in how to effectively integrate Mobile and Social to ensure that your target audience connects with you in Social from mobile and creates a viral factor so that your Social content is shared across mobile devices. You will also learn how to gauge the success of business mobile apps and how to carry over the social experience with you target to Mobile.
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Jasmine has a truly impressive mastery of her subjects. As a speaker and trainer, she packs a dazzling amount of information into each hour. Each time she does a session for us, we can’t wait to have her back for more.
Karen Hochman, Director of MENG NYC Chapter

For a taste of what your organization can expect for Marketing Events from Miss Sandler as a presenter, see her live media section.

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Regarding by many corporate marketers from around the world as a top SEO Strategist and Marketing Events expert, Jasmine Sandler is a wise choice for your needs in SEO Training and Social Media Training. She offers live SEO Training and B2B Social Sales Training in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. Her webinar based training on Digital Marketing is offered globally. For a free Digital Marketing Speaker phone consult call regarding your needs for an SEO or Social Media Trainer, contact Jasmine.

To arrange a call to discuss retaining Jasmine Sandler as a keynote or panel speaker at your next Conference or Employee Training, contact:

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