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Jasmine Sandler offers SEO workshops to ensure your B2B business or corporation maintains top search engine visibility and develops targeted lead generation through online marketing tools. For most B2B organizations and corporations, keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and getting to the top of the hyper-competitive online search engine positions, it’s important to actively engage in the most current SEO workshops and trainings available.

This is why Jasmine Sandler, a keynote SEO speaker with more than 10 years SEO experience offers SEO Training by phone consult and via SEO Workshops. She has delivered SEO workshops via teleseminar, live, webinar and video conference  globally for such organizations as PRNEWS, The Marketing Executive Networking Group, Lorman Education, The Association of Strategic Marketing and more.  Here is what the attendees of her SEO Workshop have to say:

  • Testimonials

    “The Marketing Executive Networking Group’s New York Chapter has many insightful speakers but Jasmine Sandler provided our audience of marketing industry leaders with a concise and comprehensive overview of search engine optimization and online marketing strategy that rapidly filled five pages of my notebook.”
    Eric GoldmanVice President Public Relations at Rx Communications GroupRx Communications Group
    “Jasmine has a truly impressive mastery of her subjects. As a speaker and trainer, she packs a dazzling amount of information into each hour. Each time she does a session for us, we can’t wait to have her back for more.” May 8, 2013
    Karen HochmanMENG NYC Chapter ChairMeng Online
    “Jasmine Sandler led a PR News SEO workshop for PR pros on Oct. 1, 2012, that was totally on the mark and of the highest professional caliber. She put in 100% effort into her presentation, and it paid off, judging by the positive reactions from the workshop attendees.”
    Steve GoldsteinEditorial Director, Events, PRNews at Access IntelligencePR News

Jasmine Sandler - SEO Keynote Speaker at DMWF 2016 NYC
Jasmine Sandler - SEO Keynote Speaker at DMWF 2016 NYC

Keynote SEO Speaker & SEO Consultant

As an SEO keynote speaker and professional SEO consultant Jasmine has worked with firms such as Citibank, ISO, Diamonds International, Madison TI, Intercall, City Lights and many more since 2004. As the CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing, whose core competency is Online PR driven by SEO, Miss Sandler is constantly involved in the management of sometimes very complex and large-scale SEO projects. She has managed SEO Audits, SEO Analyses, SEO Recommendations, Local SEO and Global SEO Implementation Projects.

Social Branding & Social Selling

Jasmine’s ability to execute high-level SEO operations are in large part due to her all-encompassing  knowledge in digital marketing strategy and the holistic view towards SEO that she takes. She understands social media plays a tremendous role in SEO in today’s economy, and that your SEO will not succeed if you don’t account for social. Jasmine is a keynote speaker on social media and has trained many marketing and sales teams from numerous organizations on best practices in Social Branding and Social Selling.

Jasmine Sandler SEO Consulting Services Testimonial

If you are like most B2B marketers who manage multiple internal projects and understand the complexity of aligning your company’s brand with a proper digital marketing strategy, you will benefit from Jasmine Sandler’s SEO classes and SEO workshops. In a typical SEO workshop, you will learn:

  • SEO Basics
  • How to develop a keyword plan that yields revenue
  • What Google wants
  • How to content plan for effective SEO
  • How to pair Social with SEO for success
  • Key factors to on-site optimization
  • Your off-site and link strategy
  • SEO Monitoring and Reporting Tools Review

Miss Sandler offers SEO Workshops for two audience types: Marketing teams of mid to large sized B2B organizations and Members of large B2B member-associations. Group size needs to be a minimum of 40 if a member-association.

Her SEO Training work is delivered by reservation only by phone or in person. To schedule a free initial consultation, call  Jasmine at (347)-527-5100 or submit a consultation request via her contact form.

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