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5 Reasons to Engage a Social Media Expert

If you have been thinking about hiring a Social Media Consultant and looking for a real Social Media Expert with real client business Social Media Marketing experience, here are your…

5 reasons for considering Jasmine Sandler as your  Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consulting Reason #1 BoogaGoogle+ Cover Photo Template (2)

Jasmine Sandler has been a Social Media Marketing professional since way back to the year 2000! She concepted, built, grew and sold a social media network from 2001-2003 for sport enthusiasts and  athletes single-handedly , resulting in a vibrant online community of 300,000 registered users.

Why is this important?

Jasmine understands the art of online community building and content engagement – these are the keys to Social Media Marketing success for any organization, whether large or small.


Social Media Consulting Reason # 2

Jasmine Sander is considered a LinkedIn Marketing and Social Media Expert by Google and by LinkedIn. If you are selling to other businesses, whether you are selling products or services, Jasmine can help.

She has created social brands for executives and companies at leading accounting firms, advertising agencies, law firms and technology companies.

Why is this important?

Jasmine has over 15 years Social Media Marketing client experience, has authored 3 Social Media books and led 100’s of Social Media engagements which is the reason she is so well recognized as one of the authorities in the field of Social Media Marketing. You want a Social Media Expert so that you don’t waste time and money doing social media wrong.

Social Media Consulting Reason # 3

Jasmine is a Social Media Keynote speaker and has delivered over 250+ Social Media presentations on the topics of Social Branding, Social Selling , Social Advertising and Personal Branding . Further, as an SEO expert, Jasmine speaks on the integration between SEO and Social Media and How to use Social Media to signal visibility in organic search.

To get a sense of the types of executive and small business audiences Jasmine has trained and educated, watch her Social Media speaker reel :

Why is this so important?

As a Social Media presenter, Jasmine has had to stay up on Social Media trends, technologies, tricks and best practices year to year since the early 2000’s. She utilizes social media client case studies in her presentations of which she has led and managed hundreds of social media programs.

Social Media Consulting Reason # 4

Jasmine Sandler is an author, trainer and consultant in the area of Social Branding for Executives and Entrepreneurs. Jasmine has made it her personal mission to be the best at promoting others online. She has been called “The Social Media Agent to Business Stars”. As a Personal Branding Consultant, Jasmine provides the necessary branding consulting and coaching people need to set their personal brands apart online to gain the media attention and money they deserve.

Here is a live clip from a Social Branding Keynote for Female Executives :

Why is this important?

Social Media engagement and more importantly Social Selling is driven by the creation and nurturing of real human relationships. The practice of Personal Branding or Social Branding when done correctly, can be utilized for any business professional or creative professional to build an online audience, fans, followers, media attention, lead generation and sales.

Social Media Consulting Reason # 5

Jasmine has been awarded a Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist by the Internet Marketing industry every year since 2012 for her work in building a methodology for social media marketing strategy and guided execution that drives real business results.

Why is this important?

Because Jasmine is intimately familiar with the process of Social Media Marketing and how it supports real business results including website traffic, on site conversion, audience development and online brand awareness, she can quickly and efficiently deliver social media planning and strategy for any business. You can gain an understanding of her process in this quick video:


Jasmine is ready to help you and your organization grow your Social Media presence and authority. If you have needs in any of the following areas, she is just one phone call away:

  • You need a solid Content Marketing Strategy
  • You need a professional Social Media Presence for your company
  • You need to build a real targeted online community
  • You need a comprehensive Social Media Plan
  • You need a Digital Marketing plan for your organization
  • You need your sales team trained on Social Selling
  • You or your executive team needs help with Personal Branding
  • You need to get your Sales teams selling on LinkedIn
  • You need to hire a social media manager or coordinator who can do it right

You can book a Social Media Consultation by using the calendar booking button below or if you have questions, use the contact button.

  • Testimonials

    “Jasmine is a dynamic marketing expert who has her finger on the pulse of innovation and trend. She wastes no time getting to the point, offering solutions and suggestions for growth. She is also an excellent public speaker and the author of a new book called “Branding & Sales – The Linkedin Way.” Not to be missed by anyone serious about making the best use of this social media platform.”
    Douglas Glenn ClarkEntertaining Content, Ghostwriter, Corporate BloggerDouglas Glenn Clark

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